Phare West Wine is a Wyoming-based wine brokerage introducing an evolving canon of wines from France and California to the Old West.  

When it comes to wine, pleasure is paramount.  The wines in the portfolio are - first and foremost - delicious and balanced.  They are real wines crafted by real people.  Authenticity over artifice, always!

What's in a name?
Pronounced "far," phare is a French word that in its most literal sense translates to "lighthouse" or "beacon."  More metaphorically, it is someone or something that has considerable influence as a guide, a luminary, or a flagship model.  Vins - phares are therefore enlightening wines!

We work with a variety of artisan domaines who combine for a holistic portfolio, with bottles for the everyday to outré.  The wines in the portfolio don't necessarily prescribe to one prevailing  winemaking philosophy.  Respecting the vigneron's practices, we enjoy that each cuvée is an individual product of reflection, intelligence, and emotion on behalf of its producer.

These wines are a refreshing tribute to all their moving parts: culture, terroir, varietal, appellation, climate, vineyard management, cellar work, and the vigneron.  Phare West Wine is excited to be working with a vanguard of domaines from near and afar to introduce this selection of artisanal wine to the Wyoming market.

Brynn Powell founded Phare West Wine in 2016 in Jackson Hole, Wyo., with a desire to share the wines she's passionate about with the community that she loves.  Brynn moved to Jackson in 2007, with an affinity for the Tetons and a degree in French Language and Literature.  After many hours on the restaurant floor, she followed her nascent passion for wine to California.

With one foot in Wyoming and the other in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brynn worked for a small domestic wine brand with national distribution and later for a distinguished wine importer, North Berkeley Wine.  A devout Francophile, she was feeling the call of France (the "motherland").  From 2015 – 2016, while earning her MFS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Brynn lived in Paris, where she worked and tasted throughout the year with Paris Wine Company.

Brynn's wine journey has been a circuitous one, driven by curiosity, passion, work, study, and travel – the goal of which has been to bring it back home.  The wines in this portfolio reflect the myriad tastes and influences of those experiences along the way.